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by Nathan H. Leung

Hi, I'm Nate. I'm originally from a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. I taught myself how to code before college, and I entered the University of Michigan in September 2018, where I discovered interests in math, economics, and personal writing.

Looking to get more real-world experience after my freshman year of college, I left school in May 2019. Over the summer, I interned at Google. That October, shortly after the founders went through YC's Summer '19 batch, I joined Jupiter as their first hire. Outside of establishing a strong engineering organization and codifying the company's guiding development philosophies and practices, I spent a year building end-to-end systems with TypeScript, React, Kotlin, gRPC, and Kubernetes.

During my gap year at Jupiter, I also established California residency by living, voting, and paying taxes in San Francisco. Because of my new domicile, I made a plan to transfer to a UC school in Fall 2021 with an anticipated graduation date of May 2023, and I officially phased out of my role at Jupiter in November 2020 in preparation for that.

After finishing my transfer applications, I joined Ramp, a Series B fintech startup, as a software engineering intern. As of this writing, I'm thinking about the next few years of my life and career and considering my options for this fall: attending UC Berkeley, attending UCLA, or staying at Ramp full-time. I hope to make a decision soon.